Sunday, January 11, 2015

Day 16 on the Dawn Wall

Today the guys decided to rest.  Tomorrow Kevin will try to make it up to Wino, and then it's up up up to the top for him and Tommy.  Fitz and I cannot wait to be reunited with Tommy again!!    Fitz just went to bed and I'm going to take an hour to rest my self.  :)  It's been a busy couple of weeks!  We will see you tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for your quick response Becca @heartbeings

  2. Not sure why I'm so intrigued by this ascent. We were watching them the night of jan 3 as my daughter was married that morning at the little Y chapel. After seeing the lives they both live and the quality individuals they are with families they and you have been in my prayers. I have no desire to do what they do but would pay to just watch. Thank you for giving the best updates and tell tommy he is a real motivation to do anything and stick it out. Can't wait to see the finish.

  3. This is all simply amazing!!! Thanks for blogging and sharing it!! These guys push the boundaries of life and it's so inspiring!!! :D

  4. I am addicted to this journey and all that these 2 amazing men are doing. The every day battle, mental, emotional, and physical and the victories there-in. Their character is shining through and they truly are incredible men and an inspiration. No matter the outcome, I think they have "won." But here is hoping for the absolute best!! Thank you Becca for keeping us all up-to-date!

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